No Strings Attached Free Trial Class

FREE class available! Technique BJJ offers a free class to all new students with no strings attached.

The classes at Technique BJJ cover the full scope of grappling arts. All classes start with the takedowns and throws of Judo, followed by the indomitable ground work of our core art – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In BJJ, you’ll learn positional control, submissions and, most importantly, escapes and defense. We offer traditional gi classes as well as no gi submission wrestling classes daily.

We have adult classes Monday-Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings. Kids classes are held at 5:30 Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4:30 Tuesday and Thursday and at 10 AM Saturday morning!

We’re currently offering weekly wrestling classes with a qualified coach. We also have a weekly striking class as well.

We provide a safe environment for kids and adults – We are a female friendly academy with separate changing rooms and a respectful, welcoming atmosphere for all.

We are also a First Responder friendly facility. We support the continued training of Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers as well as Fire and EMS. Ask about our First Responder discounts.

Family and multi-member discounts available!

Located at 31 Industrial RD in Prospect, CT – Our brand new 2,100 square foot facility has over 1,000 square feet of mat space.

Thank you for your interest!

If you’d like to schedule your free class, fill out our waiver below and we will contact you!